Riverfront YMCA Red Flannel Run

Riverfront YMCA Red Flannel Run

Red Flannel Run

The Red Flannel Run is the unofficial start of the running season in Des Moines and consists of a 3- and 5-mile run. Proceeds go toward the Riverfront YMCA YPartners Campaign, helping to make the YMCA accessible to all.

Beginning in 2013, the Riverfront YMCA Red Flannel Run will be held in memory of Luke Altmix Simmons. Luke was an adventure-seeking athlete. In 2007, while on a trail run in Colorado, Luke was struck by a bolt of lightening that ended his life. Since then, Luke's family and friends have held events in his honor—the most recent of which is the Riverfront YMCA Red Flannel Run. The run will be rebranded as the Riverfront YMCA Red Flannel Run in Memory of Luke Altmix Simmons. Read more of Luke's story at: http://home.comcast.net/~teamluke24/site/?%2Fhome%2F 

The 2013 Red Flannel Run at our Riverfront YMCA brought together over 2,000 runners for a 3-mile and 5-mile race in sub-zero temperatures. More runners means more body heat at the starting line. Invite your friends!






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